#1 Journal Entry 4/5/2020

Today marks our two weeks in social isolation during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I may only be 26 years of age, but I have never experienced anything like this before. There have been over 300,000 cases confirmed in the U.S.A, and over 9,000 have died. Recently, the CDC predicted that there will be over 200,000 deaths by the end of this. Everyone is at risk, as currently we are not 100% sure what factors in death or in recovery when someone has the virus.

It’s really strange, as my Fiance MJ and I have not been directly affected. Life outside appears pleasant and safe, at least from looking out the window. In reality so much of our behaviors as humans have needed to change. Wear a mask, gloves, be at least 6 feet away from others, and wash your hands frequently/ for at least a minute (probably a good thing anyway). For the most part my family has been self isolating in their own states, here we are representing KC.

Republicans have appeared to start changing to a more serious tone. Originally, these government officials tried to downplay the situation back in February and early March. Trump is still somehow president and is still as egotistical as ever. Thankfully, technology has become advanced enough for us to try and lead normal lives. Delivery systems for groceries and video-chatting, once luxuries, have now become more or less essential. I don’t think I have ever spent this much consecutive time inside before; it’s times like these I am grateful to be a home body.

MJ and I have been playing a lot of videogames to pass the time. felix, our pet rabbit, is now 6.5 years old and I think he can’t decide if he loves or hates that we are always home now. MJ has been working with Geo Originals now, getting some part time work in. I on the other hand have been feelings rather useless. I made a list of my skills and knowledge to see if it can help me become marketable on the internet. Conclusion, possibly odd freelance design jobs.

For the most part, my skills would take time to build up a portfolio again. I have thought about working as a journalist, but I am unsure where to even begin with that. I could start recording/interviewing others and how they are handling the pandemic. Or perhaps I will make a blog. I also have had the urge to write jokes again. Here is one inspired by a conversation I had with my Fiance.

Have you noticed that female strippers, don't really strip. It's like whenever they have clothes on, they're off the job. Now if I were to own a strip club, I'd call it Laundry Day. Our slogan would be, "Come on in! Our Strippers come pre-stripped!". Even if people didn't want to come inside, they'd at least know what to expect.

I think my joke writing skills are a bit rusty…

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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