#2 Journal Entry 4/6/2020

“Going a wee bit stir-crazy”

I filed my taxes today, oh such a joyous occasion. I have such a fun time dreaming about my future complication with taxes as I had begun purchasing stocks before this whole pandemic. Boy… did that go well. Thankfully I had a nice walk with my future brother in law. He showed me a comfy spot out in the woods behind our apartment, the view overlooked the highway. For some reason it reminded me of some hippy times in my past.

Unfortunately, legality and the risks of Covid-19 have made it impossible for these to be hippy times. My chronic tension headaches could use some time off. A blood pressure medicine an Iranian doctor gave me while I was visiting the country has been the only thing that helped. I’m not willing to go to a doctor here to get it prescribed, it has some not so pleasant side effects. So until medical cannabis becomes legal here, I’ll continue to find alternatives, like yoga.

Side note: For all of those people out there who are self isolating with a romantic partner, I give you props. Improving your communication skills during this time is absolutely necessary, otherwise you’ll drive each other insane. To be honest, I think I am the one accidentally making her insane. Since I’m already neurotic, I welcome the company.

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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