Monster Hunter World

Did you overlook this Game?

Monster hunter world is a vast and large game which is constantly teetering between open world game play as well as story driven game play. If you like very RPG elements, can handle a fair amount of reading, and love to smash apart giant dinosaur-like monsters, this is the game for you.

General Story:

The idea behind this game, is that the protagonist is a skilled monster hunter who works alongside his assistant (The Handler) in tracking down, researching, slaying or capturing monsters across various environments in the New World. There have been 5 generations of Monster Hunters that now work on the Research Commission for the New World. One of the most confusing areas in which the research committee attempts to understand is that of Elder Dragons, and why they are attracted in coming to the New World’s Continent.

Dialogue/Character Development:

Monster Hunter World attempts to make you feel like you are in an MMORPG without actually being in one. There are dozens of interactable NPC’s around the New World which can lead to some interesting fact finding about the lore of the game. However, at other times there are moments where the game lacks diversity in the NPC’s speech lines. The game is dubbed for English and about 50% of dialogue is only text with strange grunting or laughing noises coming from the characters as the text appears. Thankfully, those more in game dialogue moments are completely outshone by the detail that is put into cutscenes and the character design. The visuals keep you engaged, and the cheesy dialogue occasionally provides some comic relief.


In today’s era of gaming, especially mobile gaming, the advertisements or cutscenes are hardly portraying how actual gameplay looks and feels. Monster Hunter has somehow managed to show an almost equally beautiful environments in and out of gameplay. The game’s aesthetic quality works well with the combat system however some of the controls in fighting is not directly intuitive. I believe those who have played the Dark Souls or games with similar control setups may find some familiarity in the combat, but MWH does struggle in some areas such as the targeting systems. For what MHW lacks, it is immediately overlooked when you get into the specifics of how many weapons there are, each are viable options and with incredibly unique tree lines in terms of upgrading. MHW can suck out hours of your life if, especially if you are like me and just enjoy creating as many builds as possible.

Additional Tasks:

Outside of the RPG and Combat aspects of the game, MHW has a lot, and I mean a lot, of miscellaneous tasks and actions to complete throughout the duration of the game. Unfortunately, with all these features, there are bound to be some not so helpful tutorials, often leaving many players confused and needing to turn to the internet for answers. Part of this may have to do with the sheer number of tutorials and reading that comes along with it, it makes it hard to not skip through it just to get to the action. As soon as you think you understand the game it throws more and more features at you which adds more complexity and difficulty to the game. If you manage to learn how to effectively use all these features, the payoff for the most part is worth it.

I have put in about 60 hours into the game and honestly just got past one of the first major (elder dragon) milestones. Most of this time was not me spending moment after moment completing main story missions, I was very easily sidetracked by side missions and farming for upgrading weapons and armor, as well as collecting pets for your living quarters. All this time, and I have not even gotten close to reaching DLC gameplay yet. Thankfully, the game does seem to allow a variety of approaches to level up your character to stay in sync with the story-line.

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