#32 Journal Entry 6/2/2020

Across social media and news it appears the U.S. is in turmoil. However, looking out the window, it looks pretty nice out. But really living in an area of a city bordering the suburbs is not the same as living on the lines of a protest. I am still a ten minute drive to the scene where protests were primarily held in KC. After hearing that one of the local news stations had their van destroyed, I haven’t had much of a desire to go to the area.

It’s been very surprising to hear about how many journalists were beaten, pepper sprayed, and had their possessions destroyed. Most of the reporters I watched live had to consistently switch to each others feeds that way they could deal with the irritation from the tear gas. It’s just hard to imagine this happening so close to home, and seeing so many of the places I frequent get completely trashed. All of this and there is one big thought in my mind. What happens if just one person in all of this, protesters or police, have Covid-19?

There was a fair amount of people wearing masks at these protests, certainly a helluva lot more than at the protests trying to get the country to reopen. Meanwhile all I can do is sit here at home wondering when I am going to go out and live in the real world again. If the numbers of cases skyrocket it may not make a difference that I’ve been home this whole time. At some point I’ll have to go out and work as savings really can only take one so far, especially with a wedding coming up.

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