#34 Journal Entry 6/4/2020

I am out in public! There is life out there. The coffee shop Black Dog Coffeehouse is following social distancing suggestions. Even better though, we are sitting outside in the shade. It almost feels normal, like there is not a virus going around. Except the interior is mostly bare with limited seating, this place is usually busier than a European flea market. The light breeze helps calm the nerves, and the caffeine is flowing freely.

So, my fiance and I are rethinking our wedding plans. Most of her family lives outside of the U.S. and it seems that with the pandemic going on, they likely would not be able to come to the wedding in September. It is still 3 months away but most countries are not planning on fully reopening until October. That being said, we may cut down the wedding to something small, and use most of our wedding money for traveling abroad/honeymoon once the restrictions have been lifted, or when a vaccine is developed.

It’s a brilliant opportunity to travel somewhere I haven’t been to yet, like France and the U.K. We have also talked about possibly adding Ireland, or Thailand to the mix as well. If I were to travel somewhere I have been to before, it’d definitely be between Amsterdam or Budapest. Amsterdam just has a nice atmosphere and the canals and architechture is beautiful, plus the Van Gogh Museum is a must if you ever go. Oh and The Pancake Bakery is amazing, which if I remember correctly is not far from Anne Frank’s House.

Budapest on the other hand is beautiful in another way. The city has a dark history, once being occupied by the Nazi Party, you see many houses in ruins after communism there fell. Local artists have repurposed many of these buildings and turned them into nightlife bars. The houses are all incredibly unique, and some have a bar in each room all with it’s own theme/decor. In some cases you look up and see the night sky, with just a net for protection in case of a part of the roof breaking off. The locals are very passionate about their politics and the city has not fully healed from all of the constant changes in government, this has created such an interesting conglomerate of design, architecture, and culture.

I miss traveling so much, and now that I am with my fiance I believe I’ll enjoy it more than ever before. So for anyone debating about whether they should travel, or study abroad, I say go for it, as long as you’re safe.

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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