#36 Mini Entry 6/11/2020

I have noticed a handful of euphoric experiences today. The onset of these moments came abruptly and thankfully I was able to cherish them. I’m not sure what caused these emotions to arise. I have to say that I was doing anything particularly different than usual. I did however did drive around for some time today while attempting to figure out how to use door dash (unsuccessfully) to make some extra cash.

Typically what I would generally claim was a waste of time, didn’t quite feel that way today. Wind has always helped pull me out of my thoughts and be aware of what’s going on around me. My recommended prescription for the covid-19 blues, go for a drive with the windows down, a bike ride, or hop on a skateboard. Enjoy the fresh air, the smells, and the feeling of the wind on your face. Incredible to think that this is a feeling humans have been experiencing these feelings for hundreds of thousands of years.

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