#37 Journal Entry 6/13/2020

*Disclaimer: This entry contains information about politics that some may find controversial. My personal views lean more to the left but I identify as Independent/Libertarian. That being said, those who subscribe heavily to the left or the right may become frustrated from this entry.

Across various social media platforms I subscribe to, there is one headline that has been repeatedly appearing in my feed.

The Coronavirus isn’t gone yet

Across the world countries are reporting an increase in covid-19 cases. Some of these countries were getting ahead of the spread but as restrictions relaxed, a second wave appears to be forming. For each country, there are a variety of reasons why this may be. Ignoring the question as to whether or not it is moral, most westernized countries currently have protests against racial inequality, which may be one reason there has been an increase.

The coronavirus will not stop for social justice. Racial inequality will not stop for coronavirus. We are at an impasse in which there likely no win-win option. The hope I hold onto is that there are enough protesters to make a difference, but few enough that the spread of the virus can be maintained. My observations of the voice of public opinion have recorded some interesting changes.

I have no longer seen nor heard voicing of people against protesting due to the potential for Covid-19 to further spread. Not long ago there were protests against the shut down of the country due to the virus and faced off against protesters in favor of the shut down. These voices have been drowned out or intentionally stopped, now that the BLM movement has gained further momentum. It is a hard choice to be anti-protesting when it comes to those protests being against the killing of people.

Meanwhile those more or less directly affected by the brutality and killings committed against their community weigh the protests as more vital against the virus measures… and in my opinion, who has the right to blame them? These atrocities have been acted towards them for generations, even through the pandemic they continue. One thing through all of this perplexes me though, how have those against the BLM not used the virus to try and silence the protests?

For all of the constant lies and changes in perspectives thrown out nonchalantly by politicians and reporters of mainstream media, I am surprised that the right wing media has not tried to use the virus in their favor. We saw that in early March, the right wing media attempted to downplay the impact of virus, and once the virus spread quickly, they changed their tone rather easily about its seriousness. For once, Fox has stuck to their guns and stood by their aversion to shutting down the country to prevent the spread of the virus.

This pattern of behaviors of changing stances quickly as an attempt to gain support has been used by cultural influencers for decades. The shift in opinions have become what feels like more speedily than in the past, we often forget things that people have said, there is simply too much to keep track of. These are strange times we live in. Ahead of us are challenges we may not have the answers to, and the westernized world may no longer be the figure head of progress and innovation.

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