#38 Journal Entry 6/17/2020

Well I tried Doordash the food delivery app. All I can say is that it is not worth the risk of catching the virus, especially as cases in Kansas City are rising again. The pay simply is not enough to ease the financial loss from the virus. For supplemental money here and there, I think overall it is a decent system. The people here in KC are very friendly and understanding. The biggest concern I have is how many people you are exposed to at certain restaurants. Chipotles in the busier parts of the city are flooded with online and food delivery orders. I still hold the view that about half of the people out and about take social distancing seriously, and the other half do not. So hopefully none of you will hear about me getting the virus from my two days out in public.

In other news in the world, BBC News reported that there have been some promising medication trials in helping combat Covid-19 cases. The medication is a cheaper steroid that has helped cut down the deaths of people on oxygen/ventilators. So some positive news about the virus. There are still concerns a second wave of cases is coming, not that the cases had been all that controlled in the first place. Kansas City, MO is pretty much entirely open, with the expectation to be more on the businesses and population to be wary of health safety. On the Kansas side things are opening a little slower.

Meanwhile the BLM movement is still pushing for police reform, and there has been open support in the movement for LGBTQIA rights. The supreme court ruled in favor of protecting LGBTQ rights in the workplace regarding discrimination. Surprisingly, the ruling was proposed by the conservative Judge Niel Goursuch, who was appointed by Donald Trump. This likely came as some needed news, as earlier in the week the Trump administration pulled back on Obama Era Policies that helped LGBTQ individuals not be discriminated in the health care industry. The CBS article also noted that the HHS made a final definition that ‘Sex’ in terms of male and female, is determined by biology. This seems to fall in line with the definitions I learned about in undergrad, i.e. Gender is a social construct regarding identity and social roles, while sex refers to biological chromosome identifications. I am curious if the conversation is leading towards changing the definition of ‘sex’ in the future.

The BLM movement is maintaining after more videos of police brutality and killings of African Americans continue to surface. The individual who has unfortunately been all over this weeks news is Rayshard Brooks (Warning: The news article has video footage of the killing). The story has been generally been told that Rayshard Brooks was supposedly inebriated and had fallen asleep behind the wheel of his car in a Wendy’s parking lot. Someone called the police to try and help with the situation. After what seemed like a normal interaction with the officers, Rayshard attempted to flee when the officers started to make the arrest, and after wrestling with the two officers, he managed to grab the taser that was used on him. Rasyshard takes off running, as the officer behind seemingly hits Rayshard with a taser. Rayshard continues to run, the officer switches the taser to his off hand, freeing his right. Rayshard shoots the taser blindly behind him. The officer immediately draws his gun and shoots 3 times. Rayshard then falls to the ground. He later dies after surgery.

This video has gone viral, people are outraged, some defend the officer’s actions. Trevor Noah has an interesting take on the situation, ultimately saying that something needs to change. Other reports have come out about Officer Rolfe, the shooter in the incident, claiming that Rolfe has had at least two questionable actions in the past 5 years. According to the Guardian, In 2015 Rolfe was involved in a shooting after a car chase, but was said to falsify reports of whether or not shots had been fired at the suspect. In 2016 there are reports of the same officer being reprimanded for use of force.

The last piece of news I felt important to record is that Trump signed an executive order for police reform. Many are likely not happy with the delivery of the news. Trump spent the majority of the time praising police, and the importance of keeping them. He also stated that many people want the police, even if they don’t say it, or don’t know it. The order partially bans the use of choke holds, except for a subjective clause saying it is allowed if the officer is in danger. It is a small victory for the movement, but I expect to see protesters wanting more in terms of police reform. Many have criticized the President for the lack of acknowledgement that systematic racism is bred throughout the police force in the nation.

So yeah…Lots and lots of things going on in the world this last week. I hope to see some more positive news in the near future.

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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