#39 Journal Entry 6/19/2020

Not a news related entry… There’s enough of that in the world right now. For this entry I’ll just blab about my life. I am still trying to social distance and rarely go outside. MJ and I did go outside yesterday. We purchased my suit for our wedding in September, the Oak Park Mall was surprisingly active, with teenage mall rats doing what they do best. So let me tell you about some differences about suit shopping during the Covid-19 pandemic. Typical suit sizes that once fit you, have magically shrunk, and what once was more like a fanny pack has been replaced by a kangaroo pouch. Which leads me to my next topic, lifestyle changes and diets.

For whatever reason, spending most of your days from home brings weight gain. Even keeping busy and not eating out of boredom has not saved me from this so called affliction. So after being very embarrassed from trying to fit into a suit a wore a little over a year ago, I decided my small changes to my diet simply wasn’t making the cut. Now I am going to make a lifestyle change and follow a Keto diet for as long as possible or as long as my health stays in good condition. It’s a very strange diet, hopefully one with no adverse effects, but I know it works for fat loss. I wish my weight gain was the worst of the changes in health that is happening in my family, unfortunately it’s not.

I have a family member who is struggling with their health. They have always been a bit stubborn about going to doctors, and in this instance it is not really any different. The biggest concern we have is that a lack of treatment could really affect the longevity of this person’s life. The whole situation is wearing down on their spouse too, and they really need some support that the pandemic is not helping them get. Money is getting tighter, and worries grow. Now more than ever, positivism is essential for getting through the hard times.

As for money, it’s not a fun thing to think about. I attempted to file for unemployment again, as I was motivated from the lack of job application responses. The lack of closure is harder than hearing rejection. The unemployment funding is not fruitful yet either. I found out that if you haven’t worked in the same state you reside in, you have to file for unemployment in the state you did work in. In this case instead of Kansas, I now need to file in Missouri. I wish that the website could have told me that rather than hearing the beeping of a busy phone line for a couple of weeks, and then finding out.

On the happier side of things, I am looking forward to our upcoming wedding. Buying a suit made it feel more real and exciting. I do fancy looking dapper, and my bride to be is for sure going to show me up. We’ve been cutting a lot of our costs just due to our financial situation and because we still want to have a long and romantic honeymoon. I can easily say that there is nothing I am not looking forward to when it comes to our wedding. Speaking of weddings, it’s hard not to think further into the future.

I have been exploring possible career paths, which will likely make me go to graduate school. My current ideas are a grad program that leads me to become a therapist, or a Master’s in Communications which would ideally open a lot more opportunities in domains I have interest in, such as business organization, journalism, or PR. Making a decision to go back to school never really is a simple one. Tuition is pricey, and there is no guarantee you can land a job in the field you went to school for. Sometimes it seems like some kind of cruel joke, but at least form myself school is enjoyable.

Whatever happens, I know that if I can get through these hard times, there is likely nothing I cannot handle.

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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