Journal Entry #43 – 7/10/2020

Man oh man… Corona times are still strange. The country continues to reopen as our virus cases are at a record high. Only a handful of states are seeing a decline in their cases, for the most part states are seeing a surge of new positive tests. On the plus side, more people are wearing masks, which should hopefully slow the spread. The government is pushing people to get back out and start working again. Not an ideal situation for people who work in crowded environments.

I find myself in a position where I need to find a job, and quick. Times are hard on my wallet, and safety is apparently overlooked when it comes to the economy. The most I can do is continue applying for jobs where I believe I can follow social distance guidelines. There isn’t really much of a choice anymore. I’ve dipped into my savings to the point where I don’t have much left. Thankfully we have enough to where we won’t get evicted, however that money is supposed to be saved for the honeymoon and wedding.

It is very surreal that people are getting kicked out of their homes right now. From a property owner perspective, they are just doing what they have always done.The government paused evictions, but that did not stop from the bills to continue to pile up and no relief for those who had to pay for them. So, now that the pause is over- *fwoop* – these people are out on the streets, or need to go to a shelter where social distancing is difficult… if there’s even room at the shelter. Unemployment in Missouri is still an option, but the delay on going back to work has ended and now everyone needs to report job hunting, which for some likely means they are going to go back to work in unsafe conditions.

For a first world country, the U.S. is dealing with this pandemic very poorly. The government wants to act like there is nothing going on, some people don’t believe the seriousness of the virus and others simply are not willing to adapt. We live in an age of technology, yet it seems that most of the work available has no option for remote work. Blue collar work obviously cannot be easily adapted for remote work, it’s not like companies have access to high tech drones or robots. But it still seems that we have a strong resistance to staying at home. I guess this can be chalked up to human nature, we are very social creatures afterall.

-Thoughts of a Writing Freak

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