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#38 Journal Entry 6/17/2020

Well I tried Doordash the food delivery app. All I can say is that it is not worth the risk of catching the virus, especially as cases in Kansas City are rising again. The pay simply is not enough to ease the financial loss from the virus. For supplemental money here and there, I think…

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#37 Journal Entry 6/13/2020

*Disclaimer: This entry contains information about politics that some may find controversial. My personal views lean more to the left but I identify as Independent/Libertarian. That being said, those who subscribe heavily to the left or the right may become frustrated from this entry. Across various social media platforms I subscribe to, there is one…

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Opinion Entry 6/7/2020

Differences in protesting in other Countries *Disclaimer: If politics or views not in favor of Donald Trump upset you, it may be wise to skip this opinion article With the United States continuing to see mass protesting across the country, one cannot help but examine how they measure up to other governments’ reception to their…

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