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Psychology Topic 6/14/2020

Comparing Prayer and Meditation between Religions Throughout the years that humanity has had some sense of civilization, there have been religions. Doctrines that help compartmentalize the chaos and volatility of our world, so that we may find solace. There may be a god, or gods, or nothing at all depending on the theocratic perspectives you…

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Psychology Topic 6/9/2020

Advice to hypochondriacs In my personal experiences and also in my professional experiences in social work, I have learned the importance and usage of diagnosis and how it can affect people’s perceptions of their self image and of others. The importance of a diagnosis, at least in terms of mental health, is to help professional…

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#33 Journal Entry 6/3/2020

Times are hard, but one must do their best to face them with confidence and positivism. This has been a hard motto to live by for myself during the last two years. I can roughly estimate that the time I started losing motivation was around graduation from college. I had worked very hard to get…

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